The “evidence of work”

How tightly organized should I be? Enough to pass a white glove test? No. That’s not going to happen, and imposing that ideal on myself is actually counter-productive. So, I stay organized enough to achieve my goals. Today, I achieve what I’m after, stacks and all. I’m OK with it. I have things I love around me, like photos, drawings and Disney Vinylmations. It’s working and, more importantly, I am.

When I was young my grandmother’s house was kept like a museum. It was gorgeous and sterile. My office is a working space. Stuff gets done, and dust is raised. Detritus is strewn about. Like a potter who goes home with clay on his jeans, I get messy when I work.

But the result is beautiful.

-Dave Caolo, on not feeling guilty about an untidy workspace.

The idea behind sites like Minimal Mac is finding what’s right for you. Being willing to make changes and try new techniques is important, but trying to force something can also be counterproductive. If piles, clutter and remnants work, there’s no reason to revamp. Your technique doesn’t have to be cool or trendy or minimal. It just has to work.

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