Since 2010, I’ve been writing and sharing sporadically on this site, primarily on the topics of technology, creativity and creation, and modern life. However, these topics are more a reflection of current interests than a restriction on subject matter, and I often post about anything that interests me or about which I have something to say.

If you’d like to explore what I’ve written on a specific topic, all posts are divided into the categories of Technology, The Internet, Software, Media, Creativity and Creation, Writing, Interviews, Ideas, Life, Simplicity, Being Efficient, and How I Do Things. I’ve also collected some of my personal favorite posts, and all posts are below, organized by month in reverse chronological order.

Favorite posts

Radical Considerations on Creativity and Originality
The new addiction
An interview with Shaaron Murphy, film editor and teacher
An interview with Notational Velocity developer Zachary Schneirov
The dining experience
The contradiction of digital/technological minimalism
Disposable Culture
Criticism of the Inadequate Clipboard, or: An Ode to Clipboard Managers
Wisdom is around us already
Hardware, software and the user
Balancing consumption and creation
Tools of the trade: better tools don’t make better writing
Reading time: a time-based reading service and recommendation engine
On ideas, execution, and the power of sharing
My Essential Mac Apps (slightly outdated)
Why embracing waste and exploiting abundance is not always good

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