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Pomodoro in the Mac App Store: Ugo Landini’s freemium experiment

Like the iPhone App Store before it, the Mac App Store provoked some changes in its respective app ecosystem, especially around pricing. Many higher end apps, including Apple’s own suite, were reduced in price. Among free software, some developers began … Continue reading

Eric Schmidt, CUI

Former Google employee Douglas Edwards1, in an interview with Michael Hickins for The Wall Street Journal‘s Speakeasy blog: I think Eric [Schmidt] added value, certainly as an employee of the company, things became more transparent. He was better at communicating … Continue reading


Us, I mean; lucky to be alive just now, watching these big games play out. Billions of dollars are at stake but that’s a sideshow. We’re working out ways for the people of the future to talk with each other. … Continue reading

Apple revises in-app purchase policy for the iOS App Store

I’ve been an outspoken critic of Apple’s strict policy on in-app purchases and subscriptions, which was to require all content available for an app to be offered through Apple’s in-app purchase system, with Apple taking a 30% cut. Furthermore, prices … Continue reading

Brent Simmons on good writers, good developers, and where the computer meets human nature →

I’ve always thought of it this way: a good writer reads a lot of books. They see how other writers solve problems. They pay attention to what’s happening now as much as they pay attention to the classics. Good writers … Continue reading

♥ Notational Velocity

Chris Martucci on what makes Notational Velocity great: Notational Velocity encapsulates a new era in text-editing. In just a matter of hours, I moved most of my documents to the application, getting rid of bulky folders. Even the word “folder” … Continue reading

Markdown is the new Word 5.1 →

Kevin Lipe, on finding a text editor as simple and uncluttered as Word 5.1: The truth is, there’s a solution now that’s most of the way there: Markdown and a good text editor. That’s the new Word 5.1. Think about … Continue reading

Hardware, software and the user

Sayz Lim on upgrading computers: The computing process consists of the interaction and combination of software, hardware, and human. Achieving the best result requires these three things to perform at their best. However, most people only pay attention to two … Continue reading

TextExpander, Path Finder, Socialite, HoudahSpot, Today, Blast, Keyboard Maestro, and Mail Act-On for $30 →

Apparent Software’s got a pretty impressive productivity bundle for $30. It comes with TextExpander, Path Finder, Socialite, HoudahSpot, Today, Blast, Keyboard Maestro, and Mail Act-On. I’ve been wanting to buy a text expander app for a while, and since TextExpander … Continue reading

On iFlow Reader getting “screwed”: Apple’s policy is bad for users

BeamItDown Software recently announced that their iOS eBook app iFlow Reader will be discontinued, and the company will be shutting down. The stated reason for this is Apple’s policy, implemented this year, that in-app purchases must go through their system, … Continue reading