Surat Lozowick on Being Efficient

Using the iPhone for creation over escapism

James Smits, in an email about my post on iPhone escapism: Recently, I noticed myself in the same pattern that you mention, reaching for my iPhone before I even knew why I wanted it. Too frequently the culprit was Twitter. … Continue reading


My iPhone is an escape, and it’s an escape that’s always in my pocket. It’s an escape when I’m on the metro and I don’t want to face all the weary faces. It’s an escape when I’m walking down the … Continue reading

An interview with Notational Velocity developer Zachary Schneirov

For those who use it, Notational Velocity needs no introduction (and for those who don’t, trying it out is the best way to really understand why it has such an ardent following). It’s a simple application for taking, storing and … Continue reading

What worked for Marshall McLuhan

In Media and Communication by Paddy Scannell, Marshall McLuhan’s unique approach to reading is described: McLuhan was an avid but hasty reader. In the 1950s, he read, on average, five books a day and his method of dealing with them … Continue reading

The contradiction of digital/technological minimalism

Why is digital and technological minimalism such a trend? It’s because computers are inherently excessive. Modern computers are not built to do one thing well, or to do just enough. They are built to do many things, to do more … Continue reading

Disposable Culture

We live in a culture of disposability. Supermarket aisles are lined with disposable cups and plates, with food in disposable packaging, each item with an expiration date, when the food will become disposable as well (what leftovers haven’t already been … Continue reading

Software obsolescence

Tim Hindle on planned software obsolescence: New software is often carefully calculated to reduce the value to consumers of the previous version. This is achieved by making programs upwardly compatible only; in other words, the new versions can read all … Continue reading


Balance, balance, balance. When I notice something in my life that isn’t working, balance is frequently the word that comes to mind as the (or a) source. Or rather, imbalance; problems are created by a lack of harmony. Balance seems … Continue reading

Leo Babauta on Simplifying →

Leo Babauta in an interview with Tia Singh, responding to a question about dealing with daily overwhelm while being productive and staying motivated: Simplify. That’s my only tip. People try to do too much. I write. I create content that … Continue reading

Criticism of the Inadequate Clipboard, or: An Ode to Clipboard Managers

Apple calls Mac OS X Lion “the world’s most advanced desktop operating system,” and it’s probably true. Files are automatically saved and versioned. With the Mac App Store, app installation is easier than ever. Backup is built-in. You can even … Continue reading