Surat Lozowick on How I Do Things

Being the change

A central question in a class I just finished (taught by Becca Deysach at Prescott College, relevantly titled “Be the Change”) was if and how personal practice (e.g. meditation, mindfulness, self-examination or compassion) relates to social transformation. Here are my … Continue reading

Using the iPhone for creation over escapism

James Smits, in an email about my post on iPhone escapism: Recently, I noticed myself in the same pattern that you mention, reaching for my iPhone before I even knew why I wanted it. Too frequently the culprit was Twitter. … Continue reading

Criticism of the Inadequate Clipboard, or: An Ode to Clipboard Managers

Apple calls Mac OS X Lion “the world’s most advanced desktop operating system,” and it’s probably true. Files are automatically saved and versioned. With the Mac App Store, app installation is easier than ever. Backup is built-in. You can even … Continue reading

With Lion, Apple has made the concept of spaces accessible to everyone

I’ve never used Spaces on Mac OS X. I’ve seen plenty of accounts from others that do, and I’d considered that they could probably fit well into my workflow. I just never put the time in to learn them and … Continue reading

Car-free in Brussels

For the nine months that I lived in Brussels, I didn’t have a car, and I didn’t drive. But I didn’t miss it, and even if I had been given the opportunity, I rarely would I have chosen to take … Continue reading

♥ Notational Velocity

Chris Martucci on what makes Notational Velocity great: Notational Velocity encapsulates a new era in text-editing. In just a matter of hours, I moved most of my documents to the application, getting rid of bulky folders. Even the word “folder” … Continue reading

Markdown is the new Word 5.1 →

Kevin Lipe, on finding a text editor as simple and uncluttered as Word 5.1: The truth is, there’s a solution now that’s most of the way there: Markdown and a good text editor. That’s the new Word 5.1. Think about … Continue reading

Working at the coffee shop: the right environment and the right distractions

Conor Friedersdorf has an interesting piece on why people are increasingly heading to coffee shops to get work done. He discusses four theories: that it’s “just enough distraction,” which forces one to semi-consciously tune out those distractions and focus; that … Continue reading

Tools of the trade: better tools don’t make better writing

The great thing about writing is the number of tools needed to do it effectively. There’s really only one: something to write with. Right now, for me, that’s my laptop (and my iPod Touch while on the go). In the … Continue reading

An application launcher as an easily accessible, always available place to write

I often compose snippets of writing in an unconventional text box: Alfred, my application launcher. If I have a sentence in mind, I can just hit Command-Space and start typing, and then copy it to the appropriate place after (Notational … Continue reading