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Short-term capitalism →

Seth Godin on short-term thinking: The short-term capitalist is betting that someone else will clean it up. One of the worst things you can call a business person, I think, is a short-term capitalist. He selfishly takes for now and … Continue reading

Disposable Culture

We live in a culture of disposability. Supermarket aisles are lined with disposable cups and plates, with food in disposable packaging, each item with an expiration date, when the food will become disposable as well (what leftovers haven’t already been … Continue reading

More on “Big Ideas”

Previously: The “Elusive Big Idea”: the problem is not a lack of ideas, but a lack of interest Megan Garber at the The Nieman Journalism Lab: Far from living in a post-idea world, we’re creating a world so thoroughly saturated … Continue reading

The “Elusive Big Idea”: the problem is not a lack of ideas, but a lack of interest

In a New York Times op-ed, Neal Gabler argues that “big ideas” have been supplanted by an abundance of information. He writes, “In the past, we collected information not simply to know things. That was only the beginning. We also … Continue reading

Lion is the future

As I read through various reviews of Mac OS X Lion, one theme kept popping up like those sneaky new scrollbars: that Lion is the foundation for the next era of Apple’s desktop operating system, representing a transition more than … Continue reading

Why Lion’s natural scrolling doesn’t really matter

One of the most controversial, widespread and noticeable changes in Mac OS X Lion is the reversal of the scrolling direction, what Apple calls “natural” scrolling. With natural scrolling, you’re now dragging the content, instead of the frame; as Apple … Continue reading

The importance of software

The Department of Defense in a report on “Open Technology Development” (PDF), on the importance of software to the military: Software is the fabric that enables modern planning, weapons and logistics systems to function. It might be the only infinitely … Continue reading

Pomodoro in the Mac App Store: Ugo Landini’s freemium experiment

Like the iPhone App Store before it, the Mac App Store provoked some changes in its respective app ecosystem, especially around pricing. Many higher end apps, including Apple’s own suite, were reduced in price. Among free software, some developers began … Continue reading

Quora →

You’ve probably heard of Quora. If not, you need to check it out. It’s an incredible resource of in-depth information, knowledge, advice and insight, much of it unavailable in such a format anywhere else, with a vast number of talented … Continue reading

Every day

Seth Godin, “The invisible crossroads”: It’s easy to get stressed and excited about the infrequent crossroads. It’s just as easy to ignore the daily opportunities you have to change everything. Beautifully said, and relevant in any context. Every day is … Continue reading