Surat Lozowick on Interviews

An interview with Shaaron Murphy, film editor and teacher

The production of a modern motion picture is a massive undertaking. It’s a process that can take years, involving hundreds of people, with budgets of millions of dollars. From the producer to the grips, everyone does their separate part. And … Continue reading

An interview with Notational Velocity developer Zachary Schneirov

For those who use it, Notational Velocity needs no introduction (and for those who don’t, trying it out is the best way to really understand why it has such an ardent following). It’s a simple application for taking, storing and … Continue reading

Pomodoro in the Mac App Store: Ugo Landini’s freemium experiment

Like the iPhone App Store before it, the Mac App Store provoked some changes in its respective app ecosystem, especially around pricing. Many higher end apps, including Apple’s own suite, were reduced in price. Among free software, some developers began … Continue reading

Naming your blog: eponymous or not?

In the life of a blog, the name is both one of the first things that must be decided and one of the things that will be around the longest. Increasingly, people are writing and curating on self-titled blogs, often … Continue reading

What is Startup X? An interview with founder Jonathan Gottfried

Startup X sounds like a ridiculous parody of the often insane startup scene. “Startup X is a revolutionary new concept. It’s so revolutionary that it doesn’t even exist yet,” wrote Beta, a site that tracks new Internet startups, “While … Continue reading