Surat Lozowick on Journalism

Important tech writing

Dave Lee: Good technology journalism, important technology journalism, is about the cultural impact; the political ramifications; the state of an industry that we’re essentially relying on to provide much of the West’s economic clout in the future. Many technology writers … Continue reading

Post-Paywall New York Times Boosts Digital Ad/Sub Dollars →

It seems the New York Times’ digital strategy is working. Tim Carmody explains: For now, it looks like the digital paywall, complex as it may have first seemed, successfully serves multiple ends: a new digital subscription revenue stream, better sales … Continue reading

An AOL Content Slave Speaks Out →

Oliver Miller: AOL is a billion dollar corporation, and the foundation of its current business model is words. No, the foundation of its business model, like many modern media organizations, is pageviews. Words are just a means to an end. … Continue reading

My Bloody Valentine, minus the guitars

You hear a new band, and you think, “This is really something. This is like My Bloody Valentine, minus the guitars.” But then you think, “No, that’s not true. That’s not what this is like at all. Plus, there are … Continue reading

Interviewing the nobodies

Danny Iny has a post about landing a high profile interview with Guy Kawasaki for Iny’s small blog. One of his lessons for bloggers is to “Embrace the nobodies.” He’s talking about the nobody bloggers, but this advice goes both … Continue reading

The New York Times announces a new digital subscription plan

The New York Times rolled out a plan on Thursday to begin charging the most frequent users of its Web site $15 a month in a bet that readers will pay for news they have grown accustomed to getting free. … Continue reading

“Access itself is not all it’s cracked up to be”

Access itself is not all it’s cracked up to be… I find it hard to be as cutting, or even as critical, as I really feel about people who allow me to enter their zone of privacy. I blame my … Continue reading

The difference between the Pentagon Papers and Wikileaks

The Pentagon Papers revelations dealt with a discrete topic, the ever-increasing level of duplicity of our leaders over a score of years in increasing the nation’s involvement in Vietnam while denying it. It revealed official wrongdoing or, at the least, … Continue reading