Surat Lozowick on Life

Being the change

A central question in a class I just finished (taught by Becca Deysach at Prescott College, relevantly titled “Be the Change”) was if and how personal practice (e.g. meditation, mindfulness, self-examination or compassion) relates to social transformation. Here are my … Continue reading

Radical Considerations on Creativity and Originality

In 1974, Alejandro Jodorowsky began work on his film “adaption” of Frank Herbert’s Dune. It was to be the story of the illumination of a hero, a people, and a planet, the planet being the Messiah of the Universe, spreading … Continue reading

The future

The distractions, the deluge of notifications, the overwhelming amount of information, all these subjects upon which there is so much discussion about dealing with: they are only the beginning. In a hundred years, we’ll have computer chips embedded in our … Continue reading

Realistic Online Privacy Expectations

When sharing anything on a public or semi-public digital network, you must be willing to accept two maxims of digital content distributed over public (and often semi-public) networks: That it is timeless and permanent That it is accessible to anyone, … Continue reading

Eyes up

The man looked up at the beautiful blue sky and the exquisite, ancient architecture. He marveled at the splendor of the world and man’s tremendous ability to shape it. Eyes up in awe, feet finding their way. Then he felt … Continue reading

The new addiction

It’s undeniable that computer technology, and the ease of information and communication access it enables, can be addictive. Comparisons to classically addictive materials, then, like cigarettes, is to be expected, and in some ways quite apt. As Ian Bogost lays … Continue reading


My iPhone is an escape, and it’s an escape that’s always in my pocket. It’s an escape when I’m on the metro and I don’t want to face all the weary faces. It’s an escape when I’m walking down the … Continue reading


Traveling allows you to leave your world, and to enter another. But not only physical travel: that’s also often the motivation for using drugs, entertainment and the internet. Drugs warp the world you’re in, entertainment invites you into a world … Continue reading

The internet is simply a place

Aaron Mahnke, in an interview with Stephen Hackett: I’m coming to realize that the internet in all its forms (my computer, my devices, even the television) is simply a place. And I can only be in one place at a … Continue reading

How Japanese companies live long →

Kim Gittleson at BBC News takes a look at the decreasing average lifespan of top US companies, which among those listed in the S&P 500 is 15 years, down from 67 years in the 1920s. In Japan, there are still … Continue reading