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Sharing is fundamental to our relationships. It’s wonderful, it’s powerful, and it’s deeply meaningful. But not all sharing is created equal. Showing a friend an album of baby photos, sitting sunken in an old family couch, is far different from … Continue reading

The contradiction of digital/technological minimalism

Why is digital and technological minimalism such a trend? It’s because computers are inherently excessive. Modern computers are not built to do one thing well, or to do just enough. They are built to do many things, to do more … Continue reading

Facebook “frictionless” sharing

I wrote this recently in regards to Facebook relationship status changes, after seeing quite unexpectedly that two friends had went from “in a relationship” to “single”: There’s nothing quite like Facebook relationship status updates… they’re like seeing a headline without … Continue reading

What does Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO change about the future of Apple?

Nothing (yet).

Disposable Culture

We live in a culture of disposability. Supermarket aisles are lined with disposable cups and plates, with food in disposable packaging, each item with an expiration date, when the food will become disposable as well (what leftovers haven’t already been … Continue reading

More on “Big Ideas”

Previously: The “Elusive Big Idea”: the problem is not a lack of ideas, but a lack of interest Megan Garber at the The Nieman Journalism Lab: Far from living in a post-idea world, we’re creating a world so thoroughly saturated … Continue reading

The “Elusive Big Idea”: the problem is not a lack of ideas, but a lack of interest

In a New York Times op-ed, Neal Gabler argues that “big ideas” have been supplanted by an abundance of information. He writes, “In the past, we collected information not simply to know things. That was only the beginning. We also … Continue reading

Criticism of the Inadequate Clipboard, or: An Ode to Clipboard Managers

Apple calls Mac OS X Lion “the world’s most advanced desktop operating system,” and it’s probably true. Files are automatically saved and versioned. With the Mac App Store, app installation is easier than ever. Backup is built-in. You can even … Continue reading


Shawn Blanc on the problem with tech rumors: Reading rumors is like shaking your Christmas present boxes and trying to guess what’s inside. Sure, there is an element of fun and mystery that comes along with trying to guess what’s … Continue reading

With Lion, Apple has made the concept of spaces accessible to everyone

I’ve never used Spaces on Mac OS X. I’ve seen plenty of accounts from others that do, and I’d considered that they could probably fit well into my workflow. I just never put the time in to learn them and … Continue reading