The tap is always dripping, and Twitter is there to catch the drops

A bit ago I posted a quote from Terence Blacker about Twitter. He was wary of the service, because he felt that as a writer, experience and events are his greatest asset, and with Twitter, “one is spending that capital as soon as one acquires it. The tap is dripping all the time.” But instead of being a weakness, I think this is the power of Twitter. The tap is always dripping anyway, but now there’s something there to catch the drops. My mind is always full of ideas and thoughts and analysis. Some of it I keep to myself, some of it I file away for later (Notational Velocity and Simplenote have revolutionized my idea organization), some of it I expand upon (to post on my blog), and some of it — likely, most of it — I forget about. There’s no way to stop this constant flow of activity, and that’s the beauty of the human mind. But with Twitter, there’s a way to capture it.

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