Interviewing the nobodies

Danny Iny has a post about landing a high profile interview with Guy Kawasaki for Iny’s small blog. One of his lessons for bloggers is to “Embrace the nobodies.” He’s talking about the nobody bloggers, but this advice goes both ways: don’t only try to interview the big names. Everyone’s already interviewing them. Go after the “nobodies,” those people who aren’t already in the spotlight, who aren’t doing another five interviews that same day. Like independent developers, musicians, writers and producers, other bloggers, or someone in your local community. Those interviews are often more intriguing, more unique, and more exclusive. Everyone has something to say, so why not go after some of the people who haven’t said much yet?

Another point I’d add (that’s not on his list): Just go for it. You can find contact information for pretty much anybody online, and — especially when it comes to “nobodies” who haven’t done many interviews — most people are more than happy to chat, if they have the time (time is probably the biggest constraint for landing prominent interviews). There have been various people that I’ve wanted to interview, and when I sent them simple emails, more often than not they were open and interested (sometimes without even knowing where it would be published!). When anyone can be contacted and physical proximity is no longer needed, there’s no excuse not to try. So just go for it.

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