The fallacy of the “right” tool

This is my booth at the pizza joint. I come here all the time with something to say. My Mac is nothing more than a overpriced pocket knife for me to scrawl stuff into it. And if I did not have that I would find a way. Because I have something to say. It’s what I do.

Find that thing that you do and do it. If it is, in fact, what you do, no tool will make you and no tool will stop you.

Patrick Rhone

I expressed similar sentiments in my post about how better tools don’t make better writing. What does is writing itself. Tools can just as easily be a distraction as an aid.

Rhone’s words were inspired by a lengthy piece by John Carey, which talks, in part, about how the act of writing has been adulterated:

[Writing is] a task so basic and fundamental, in its essence it can be broken down to pen on paper or a stick in the sand. Yet here today we have a plethora of various writing applications because at some point in the past 15-20 years of modern technology we have managed to damage and greatly exaggerate the basic fundamentals of recording our thoughts and feelings into their written word. We have somehow sucked the romance out of it and turned it into nothing more than a means to reach an end.
No matter how good you may think you are at something the only true path to honestly calling yourself a professional is time, patience, and an unwavering knowledge and precision within your craft.

Actually doing is the key to any endeavor.

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