The future of film: 48 frames per second

Film purists will criticize the lack of blur and strobing artifacts, but all of our crew–many of whom are film purists–are now converts. You get used to this new look very quickly and it becomes a much more lifelike and comfortable viewing experience. It’s similar to the moment when vinyl records were supplanted by digital CDs.

Peter Jackson on filming The Hobbit at 48 frames per second instead of 24. For almost a century, films have been shot at 24 fps based on unnecessary limitations, and now digital project makes the transition to a faster frame rate easier. “It looks much more lifelike, and it is much easier to watch, especially in 3-D,” says Jackson, who continues to push filmmaking forward, just as he did with special effects in the Lord of the Rings trilogy: The Hobbit will be the first major motion picture released with a higher frame rate, according to Relaxnews.

[via MG Siegler]

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