♥ Notational Velocity

Chris Martucci on what makes Notational Velocity great:

Notational Velocity encapsulates a new era in text-editing. In just a matter of hours, I moved most of my documents to the application, getting rid of bulky folders. Even the word “folder” seems archaic now — similar to the way I feel about the word “windows.” These “folders” and “windows,” they involve a sort of dis-integration — a lack of cohesion between multiple components. Today’s users want an integrated whole, not a hodgepodge of disconnected parts. Notational Velocity unifies the text-editing experience — makes it whole and coherent. Everything you need is right there.

I feel the same way. Notational Velocity brings all my text together, whether thoughts, lists, goals, ideas, quotes, notes or blog posts, and makes it all instantly available and searchable, with the input of new text being immediate and effortless. It’s a space for disparate thoughts and ideas as much as structured writing and quotes. It’s how I capture and organize my mind.

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