Wisdom is around us already

Today I was sitting in the driver’s seat of a parked car at page 22 of Patrick Rhone’s Keeping It Straight, marveling at how profound only the first few essays had already been. Each ended with a wonderful observation or piece of advice, wise and relatable to my life.

“Can I interrupt for a moment?” asked my mom from the passenger seat. She began to talk about a conversation we’d had earlier. Wisdom poured out.

And I realized something: the kind of wisdom that impressed me in Keeping It Straight is all around us. It may not always be as cogent and polished. It may not be as well-said. But if you’re looking for wisdom in a book or online, you’re looking in the wrong place. Wisdom’s value resides in its personal relevance, and what source is more personal than our own lives?

Wisdom is all around us, in experiences and relationships. Wisdom can be found in conversations and in moments of reflection. Wisdom surrounds us, if we only take the time to recognize it.

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