Balance, balance, balance. When I notice something in my life that isn’t working, balance is frequently the word that comes to mind as the (or a) source. Or rather, imbalance; problems are created by a lack of harmony. Balance seems to be an important part of living a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.

Balance between work and play. Between consumption and creation. Not enough and too much. Time with others and time with oneself. Give and take. Activity and rest. Exploration and introspection. Speaking and listening. Form and function.

Balance does not mean an even split down the middle, but finding the right distribution. Like a chemist concocting an elixir or a chef mixing ingredents, the right balance can be found by experimenting—then maintained, refined, and adjusted.

The simpler the balance, the easier and more rewarding it will be to maintain.

But the best way to be happy is not to force the “perfect” balance, but to learn to be happy with the balance that naturally arises. Being happy with what is, instead of yearning for less or more. Often, imbalances are created by our own meddling, and balance can be returned by being mindful, and sometimes, simply by letting things be.

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