Leo Babauta on Simplifying

Leo Babauta in an interview with Tia Singh, responding to a question about dealing with daily overwhelm while being productive and staying motivated:

Simplify. That’s my only tip.

People try to do too much.

I write.

I create content that helps people, and that’s all I do. I don’t worry about stats or social media or multiple projects or widgets on my site or meetings or even comments.

I just write.

That allows me to write more than most people have time for, because they have so much on their plates. Simplify. Eliminate everything else but what you most want or need to do, and do that.

Excellent advice, and something I struggle with myself. But when I do manage to focus and simplify my priorities, the number of projects I have and how I spend my time, I can definitely see immediate results, starting with less stress and more output.

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