Important tech writing

Dave Lee:

Good technology journalism, important technology journalism, is about the cultural impact; the political ramifications; the state of an industry that we’re essentially relying on to provide much of the West’s economic clout in the future.

Many technology writers and readers are beginning to realize what’s important, and it’s not specs and rumors (although those certainly drive pageviews), but analysis and context and real life (in the words of Shawn Blanc, “Stats are cool to geeks, but life is cool to everyone.”). How and why and what to use technology for, and how to use it best.

And interestingly, but unsurprisingly, much of the most interesting tech writing is happening not on large, multi-author publications, but on individual blogs, where credibility and quality are encouraged not by an editor or organization, but by the staking of one’s own name (or “brand”), in the search for reputation and attention (or simply expression and the desire to share one’s passion).

The golden age of personal tech blogging is just getting started.

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