Traveling allows you to leave your world, and to enter another. But not only physical travel: that’s also often the motivation for using drugs, entertainment and the internet.

Drugs warp the world you’re in, entertainment invites you into a world created by someone else (and with games, lets you control it), and the internet not only provides endless worlds to dive into, some related to reality and some not, but it gives you control of the narrative and the experience in a way few other things do. Anonymity, virtual access to the entire world, and countless networks and communities for every use and topic mean you can find or craft exactly the world desired — and get lost in it. That’s both the wonder and the danger of a digital world with seemingly unlimited possibility.

The key, then, like any resource or tool, becomes how you use it. Like a traveler visiting a favorite location, you must accept that sooner or later, you have to go home.

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