This hypertext publication is written and curated by Surat Lozowick out of San Francisco, California (and previously Prescott, Arizona and Brussels, Belgium).

It runs on WordPress and is hosted by Dreamhost, both of which are excellent in their domains (blogging and web hosting, respectively).1


You can contact me on Twitter or through email (I’m also on Google+ and Flickr). I’d love to hear from you about anything — questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, requests, job offers, or anything else you have to say. I have something to say, and if you’re on this site, it means you’re listening. The least I can do is return the favor.

What belongs here?

Simply put, anything that interests me. This is my soapbox, my pizza booth, my notebook. I generally try to stay within a consistent narrative on technology, creativity and creation, and modern life, but if something is interesting and relevant, I will often write about it. As my interests wander and evolve, so will the narrative. If my coverage seems too broad, you can stick to specific categories, or wait until a post finds you serendipitously.

Expect quality, but don’t expect frequency, as that is not my aim. I will only publish when I find or write something I believe is worth sharing.

Inspiration and influences

I wouldn’t be the writer or the person I am today without my inspirations. While they are vast and varied, and this is far from comprehensive, here is a very small selection of people who inspire and influence me, particularly in relation to writing: My dad, Hunter S. Thompson, Patrick Rhone, Shawn Blanc, Seth Godin and Leo Babauta.


Atop the WordPress core is a heavily modified version of the No-frills 4.1 theme originally by Jesse Kim, customized by myself largely by trial and error. The look and functionality is inspired in ways large and small by sites like Shawn Blanc, The Brooks Review, Daring Fireball, What Blag?, technochocolate, various minimalist themes and bloggers, and surely others I’ve forgotten.

  1. If you plan to sign up for Dreamhost, you can use the promo code SURAT60 for $60 off a year’s hosting or SURAT50 for $50 off and a free lifetime domain registration (for the duration of the hosting plan).