Surat Lozowick on Being Efficient

The One Rule →

Michael Lopp on Mission Control: It might not seem like a lot of change, but after religiously trying Exposé and Spaces for years, Mission Control finally feels like my desktop and not a set of sexy but poorly integrated tools … Continue reading

With Lion, Apple has made the concept of spaces accessible to everyone

I’ve never used Spaces on Mac OS X. I’ve seen plenty of accounts from others that do, and I’d considered that they could probably fit well into my workflow. I just never put the time in to learn them and … Continue reading

Why Lion’s natural scrolling doesn’t really matter

One of the most controversial, widespread and noticeable changes in Mac OS X Lion is the reversal of the scrolling direction, what Apple calls “natural” scrolling. With natural scrolling, you’re now dragging the content, instead of the frame; as Apple … Continue reading

Stephen M. Hackett interviews Aaron Mahnke →

Stephen M. Hackett’s excellent interview with Aaron Mahnke on writing, design, creativity, the Read & Trust Network, how publishing is changing and of course, getting stuff done.

♥ Notational Velocity

Chris Martucci on what makes Notational Velocity great: Notational Velocity encapsulates a new era in text-editing. In just a matter of hours, I moved most of my documents to the application, getting rid of bulky folders. Even the word “folder” … Continue reading

Markdown is the new Word 5.1 →

Kevin Lipe, on finding a text editor as simple and uncluttered as Word 5.1: The truth is, there’s a solution now that’s most of the way there: Markdown and a good text editor. That’s the new Word 5.1. Think about … Continue reading

Hardware, software and the user

Sayz Lim on upgrading computers: The computing process consists of the interaction and combination of software, hardware, and human. Achieving the best result requires these three things to perform at their best. However, most people only pay attention to two … Continue reading

The Merit of Predictable Routines →

Chris Martucci adds some great advice to my post on working in coffee shops: And so, to avoid throwing out the baby with the bathwater, I would like to highlight the importance of allowing a routine to become predictable before … Continue reading

TextExpander, Path Finder, Socialite, HoudahSpot, Today, Blast, Keyboard Maestro, and Mail Act-On for $30 →

Apparent Software’s got a pretty impressive productivity bundle for $30. It comes with TextExpander, Path Finder, Socialite, HoudahSpot, Today, Blast, Keyboard Maestro, and Mail Act-On. I’ve been wanting to buy a text expander app for a while, and since TextExpander … Continue reading

Working at the coffee shop: the right environment and the right distractions

Conor Friedersdorf has an interesting piece on why people are increasingly heading to coffee shops to get work done. He discusses four theories: that it’s “just enough distraction,” which forces one to semi-consciously tune out those distractions and focus; that … Continue reading